1. Turkish Way of Doing Things

    As you know, instalments for buying stuff is extremely popular in Turkey. Every bank offers up to 12-15 instalments for the original price for credit card purchases. 

    Since Feb.1st, government prohibited that electronics(esp. phones) are not allowed to be purchased by instalments. But  the solution is here already, selling a phone cover for 1000 TL ($ 400) with 12 instalments and giving away the phone as a gift with it. 

    This was expected and very obvious but our lawmakers are so genius that they didn’t see it coming. Now more regulations will follow to control this one.. 


    Actually there is a service design challenge lying here to be solved.. 

  2. Great instrumental music, great memories from the show…

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  3. Today was an interesting one

    Finished Service Design Academy at Fjord, great fun and nice practice. Had
    bowling and dinner with my old colleques, mixed feelings, good friends and
    cold ones as well. Its great to proceed and leave that behind.

  4. As technology advances and miniaturizes, everything will get faster and smaller. The hardware will fade away and software will be the only thing people care about.

    — Mike Rundle - “Every Phone Looks Like the iPhone”

  5. Great work from Ricky Linn.

    Great work from Ricky Linn.


  6. leviathansociety >sisterspock 

    leviathansociety >sisterspock 

  7. Amazing shot

    Amazing shot

  8. I am back!

    — Me

  9. Arch METU (Taken with instagram)

    Arch METU (Taken with instagram)

  10. Android Gripes: Why do apps from the same company look worse on Android than on iPhone? →


    When I use an iPhone and an Android phone at the same time, I often find that apps from the same company look a lot different on these two platforms - the ones on Android usually look much worse.

    Here is a couple of examples.

    This is what Meebo IM looks on Android, the contact list screen and…